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Crossover Pipe Kit (suits Ford Falcon BA/BF)


Part Number: PWBAIP01

Everything included to relocate the BOV & re-connect the rocker cover breather
Designed to work with the Stage 2 Intercooler Kit & Under Battery Cold Air Intake
Can also work with ‘around battery’ Intercooler Piping Kit.
Large Unit whilst still retaining 10mm Bonnet Clearance



This crossover pipe is designed to work with the Process West Stage 2 Intercooler Kit and Under Battery Cold Air Intake. It can also be paired with the “around the battery” Intercooler Piping Kit which will enable fitting of the under battery cold air intake even with the stock intercooler in place.

The upgrade crossover does 2 things:

  1. Removes the factory restrictive cross over pipe
  2. Allows fitting of the Process West Under Battery Cold Air Intake

This product opens the door for a great package that consists of the Stage 2 Intercooler Kit, Cold Air Intake and Crossover.

Also worth noting is the bonnet clearance above the crossover. I have made the unit as large as possible but still left 10mm clearance to the bonnet… something which can not be done with bent aluminium tube (it can be done but you a left with a very awkward looking pipe).

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