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Real Dyno Performance Tuned 1/4 mile times

RealDyno regularly test and races both our own vehicles and offers support and advice to any of our customers that wish to take their weapon onto the track. For all you rev-heads out there, here are some of our recent racing images:


1. Gerald BF F6                   9.61@140MPH gerard_n small

2. Ben RealDyno BA XR6T    10.006@ 137MPH BA Small

3. Dean FG G6ET               10.12@ 138MPH Dean Small

4. Troy FG XR6T ute        10.28@132MPHtroy-small

5. Glen  FG XR6T              10.31@ 143MPHGlenn small

6. Ben FG  XR6T                10.40@ 135MPHBen small

7. Gary BF XR6T                10.61@ 135MPHBardo small

8. Mic FG XR6T UTE         10.63@ 125MPHmic-small

9. Ben FG XR6T                      10.66@ 128MPH Ben Mitchell

10. Paolo FG XR6T                 10.75@ 142MPHpaolo-small

11. Matt T FG XR6T                     10.81@ 132MPHMatt t small

12.Matt L BF XR6T             10.85@ 130MPH Matt L small

13.Scott BF Force 6             10.85@ 128MPH Scott small

14.Lee FGX XR6T              10.88@ 128MPH  fgx small

15.Brett FG F6                     10.89@ 126MPH Brett small

16.Wayne FG XR6T           10.91@ 128MPHwayne-small

17.Josh BA XR8 TT           10.94@ 132MPH Josh tt small

18.LeeFG GS                        10.96@ 127MPH iphone pics 7-2015 069

19.Lee FG XR6T                 10.99@ 126MPH fg drags small

20. Drew FG F6                      10.99@126mphDrew FGF6 small

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