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Real Dyno cars

Here are a few of our cars that we have upgraded.


2016 Mustang V8 auto that we now own, is having a twin turbo kit fabricated in house at the moment.   IMG_3035



The current model FGX XR6T that we upgraded, made 630 rwhp and was the first FGX to run 10’s.   10405233_1139487066076814_2618198133510687381_n


 RealDyno’s BA XR6T.   This BA has now run a 9sec 1/4 mile pass. Looks stock but it’s what is underneath that counts. Built motor with a Proboost GT42, turbo 400 gearbox with 5,000rpm stall converter, Moly tailshaft, 1400hp axles. Look out for this at the track.

ba fgx 006 ba fgx 013








These 2 FPV GS supercharged Coyote’s were both upgraded. The ute had our basic Coyote 500 package, and the sedan had our 550+. The sedan was Australia’s first Coyote 10 second car.








IMG_2113 IMG_2113                   !cid_6D598B14-CC38-4431-A43E-D153AF7A17B9@BigPond   Photo shoot on the sedan after it was wrapped in matt black and appeared on the front cover of StreetFords issue 115







This is the first FG  to run a 10 sec pass that was owned by Real Dyno. fg-willowbank-29-7-09

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