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Ford BA on XR6T Non Turbo

BA-BF-FG Aspirated 6 cylinder

Power: 215RWHP – 215 Flywheel KW

Description: This kit provides better performance and economy over standard. Using a performance 2 1/2′ exhaust with extractors, a panel K&N air filter and a Ford Flash 4 tuner we will run the car on the dyno to get a base line. Then we fit up the parts and custom tune the car on the dyno.

Included in the Flash tuner we firm up the gearbox shifts (automatic only).
Once the car is complete the vehicle is test driven and any final adjustments are made.
When complete you will receive a laminated dyno sheet with before and after dyno runs showing horsepower and torque.

Package Includes: Hi-flow K&N air filter
Ford SCT Flash 4 Tuner with 3 Custom tunes
Full mild steel exhaust 2 1/2″

Price: $3250

Time to Install: 1 Day
As with all our upgrade kits we require the use of BP Ultimate Fuel to achieve the best results.

BA-BF 6 Cylinder Supercharger / Turbo Kits also available
Call for Price.

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